StoryBASE |
Szabaduló szoba 2.0!
Sztori alapú játék igényesen kialakított, fűtött környezetben!

A helyszín: 1072 Budapest, Klauzál utca 21. A Blaha Lujza tértől 3 perc sétatávolságra, a népszerű UdvarRom második emeletén

Escape Room 2.0!
A story-based game in a modern, authentic environment!

Location: 2nd floor, 21. Klauzál Street, Downtown, Budapest, Hungary, Only 3 minutes walk from Blaha Lujza square, right in the popular “UdvarRom” open-air pub.


About the team

The creators of this game are all veteran players, using the experience of more than twenty years of role-playing, “choose your adventure” books, card games, computer and video games and escape games as well. They wrote fantasy novels, developed role-playing and computer games and eventually arrived to escape games to utilize their experience and enthusiasm on this field.
The creators had three particular objectives when they set out to create their first room – the Virus Lab. First of all, they wanted to build a high quality environment that faithfully evokes the atmosphere of a virus research laboratory deep underground, with new and quality furniture, materials, equipment and heating. Their second goal was to create a story-based game, where all the puzzles and events are integral part of the plot and help to achieve a more profound role-playing experience. The third point was to avoid the usual “on-off” nature of these rooms, where escape is the only goal. Story BASE instead offers a complex story with several objectives, where the escape is only one of the goals, although undeniably the most important, obviously. So the creators offer multi-level gameplay for experienced teams and a high escape rate for beginners.
Have they succeeded? Come and play – and decide it by yourself!

Team building

    prison-553836_1280Escape rooms are excellent for company team building – they are fun and exciting.
    In the heat of the game all individual participants must play together as a team and as the tension grows, the strengths and weaknesses in communication and cooperation clearly become visible.
    Please contact us via email or phone. We can offer you a suitable timeslot out of our business hours, and we also give discount for more teams.



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    Location: 2nd floor, 21. Klauzál Street, Downtown, 1072 Budapest, Hungary
    UdvarRom open air pub


    Game starts at:Monday – Friday14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00
      Saturday – Sunday 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00 


    Adószám: 25057119-2-13